I paint Mountains. Mountain peak is rarely open. Usually it is closed by mist. Even if you reach to the top, you can’t stay long there. I paint mountains with hope to catch the moment when it’s open.

I paint women. They are like mountains peaks. You can’t possess a woman forever. She steals away or escapes from you. And she goes on living. As a reward she just leaves a look. Just ray of light is allowed to penetrate into her soul. I paint women’s world. I love them, understand them…and haven’t hope to fully understand. Every time I just try to reflect another side of woman’s soul.

I paint Sea. When I saw sea firstly, I was impressed its width like anybody who grew up far from the sea. Caspian sea. It has thousands of moods. Night sea running into the sky. Dawn sea with silver ripple, waiting for the sun. Irritated sea by human crowd. And thousands of other Caspians tints…

Frequently I leave place for person who looks at the painting. Everybody can finish painting through the own view. It’s your right to see your painting. Only you know what it’s about.

Creativity is strange enough. It’s unable to stand betrayal. I know canvases don’t’ forgive me, if I cease work. Canvases don’t forgive, if I stop to give people my love, attention, empathy.

My studio is open for everybody. If you come to me, so it ought to happen.

If you come to my website, something brings you here. Let everything take its course. I paint pictures till I am allowed. You need them till I don’t lie.
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